Are you thinking about buying a rocker, but you still hesitate? There are at least 10 reasons!

1. Because we are rocking pioneers
We invented and were the first to introduce rocker tops and ladders to our offer.
We have registered industrial designs of our products in the database of the European Union Office for Intellectual Property (EUIPO).
This is the best proof that by choosing Good Wood you choose original design and support Polish creativity.


2. Because the rocker is eco
It is made of natural materials obtained from responsible sources. Only FSC-certified materials were used to produce the rocker. In this way, we help ourselves and you make ethical and responsible decisions regarding our common good – ecology and the environment.
You can read more about the initiative at www.fsc.org


3. It is extremely safe
It has the necessary approvals and certificates, it is ecological, very stable and designed with care for the health of children.

4. Made  in Poland
It’s easy to see what and how we do, and it’s always nice to support Polish brands.

5. By choosing GOOD WOOD, you support the Gajusz foundation with us
From the beginning of Good Wood’s activity, we wanted to support initiatives that are important to us. The Gajusz Foundation is a special thing! Every day people working in the foundation change the world of sick children for the better. Each rocker sold is a small donation to the foundation.
If you want to support a foundation, go to www.gajusz.org.pl

6. It is distinguished by a really good design
It is a nice change in the world of plastic toys and (which is not without significance) looks beautiful in the space of every home. It will fit perfectly into any interior: a children’s room, a living room or a playroom. Choose from the range of timeless colors that suit you best.

7. GOOD WOOD is recommended by specialists in the field of psychology and physiotherapy
Because it develops and makes healthy movement a pleasure. It teaches how to properly support a toddler’s development through everyday activities and play.
You can read more here: Good Wood The Eye of a Physiotherapist

8. Instead of many toys, you buy one, which has dozens if not hundreds of possible uses.
Get inspired HERE

9. You can choose additional accessories for the rocker
The rocker “grows” with the child, and the ideas for new gifts seem to never end.
In our store, look for the accessories that will be most useful to you.

and the most important:

10. The kids just love it, because play becomes a real adventure, and the rocker can be whatever they dream about! We have already been trusted by over 3,000 customers, choose Good Wood and join the fun.

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