"Good Wood was created out of the need to create something special for our beloved sons. Something that would allow Jas, Franio, and now also Henio to develop properly, to move a lot, and, above all, to have a lot of fun. In all this, we could not ignore the good taste and the wood we love."
Magda & Michał
Where did it start?
Good Wood is a family-owned, original brand. We create playgrounds for children - multifunctional, naturally supporting their motor skills, sensory integration and creativity.

Good Wood was created because we wanted to create something special for our beloved children. We were looking for something that would allow Jas, Franio (and now also Henio) to develop properly, have a lot of exercises and, above all, have a great time. We like design, we value good taste and that is why we chose warm, natural wood that we both love.

Get to know our history!
We are the parents of Janek and Frank - playful twins. Little Henio has also recently joined. I, mother, am a bit of a leisure time animator and a bit of a family life manager. Previously, I worked as an engineer - a leader of projects improving processes and production.

When I was pregnant, I read a lot about the proper development of children and how to support it wisely. A newborn man is only capable of controlling certain muscles. And then a little miracle happens – the child begins to control its body movements. Isn’t that wonderful and unusual?

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The conclusion is obvious – we support the development of a child (i.e. their motor skills, sensory integration, intellectual abilities …) the more we allow him or her to be physically free. It’s very simple because it is a movement that gives children the greatest joy! I strongly believe that wisely supporting the natural need for exercise is the best thing we can do for our children. That is why the Good Wood brand was created.

The idea was born from a dream of a nice, perfectly safe rocker for children. In the beginning, the future product was just a piece of furniture made with the help of our family, only for the needs of our sons. It quickly turned out that the rocker is great fun – not only for the youngest. Positive opinions of our loved ones, their support, and help encouraged us to take up the challenge and create the Good Wood brand.

It all started with Janek and Franek, then Henio joined
They are the first people to test products, suggest changes and outline new projects (this is probably the best team I have ever worked with). They did it all when they couldn't speak yet, in the simplest possible way - just having a blast. Also now, it is their sincere smile and the joy on their faces that testify to the fact that the objects we create are taking better and better shapes.
There are a few things that are especially important to us - some that we care a lot about.

These are the values that influence what we do and how we act. We produce in the EU country because we like to support the local economy. Our products are made of Polish FSC-certified wood because we care about the natural environment. We don’t want to cut corners. We want to create smart toys – the ones that support the development of children, and with their design and durability stand out from the mass-produced, perishable items.

What is the most important in all of this? We put quality and safety first. After all, we create for the most important people in our lives – children!

High five!

Magda Godziszko