IDEAS FOR JOY – how does Good Wood support parents?

If I were to answer in one sentence what Good Wood is, I would say “Good Wood is fun”! What we do is, after all, a kind of playground for a child, where you can do whatever your imagination tells you. Well, the youngest understand that, and the parents? They want to know more. We are parents ourselves and we know that we cannot forget about their needs, so we try to advise them about the possibilities Good Wood offers.


adult on rocker wooden futon rocker


We are very lucky that the rocker and other Good Wood products are for children.

Why? The answer is funny – we don’t have to explain to them what it is. The kids know it instinctively and they just play. Adults are a completely different story – some immediately ask “what is it?”, Others watch their children and begin to feel what it is all about and why it is so cool.

We are parents. We choose for our children what is safe, developmental and attractive for them. We are parents, therefore we know what other parents’ needs and questions are. We offer caregivers not only developmental, activating toys that will be good for their children. In addition to the products themselves, we also offer many creative ways to use and sometimes unusual use. We share tips and ideas.

We all know that anything around a little person can become a toy (creativity knows no bounds here…). In fact, it will be interesting as long as it allows the child to discover something new. Fun is to be used to experience the world, meet various needs and master a specific skill. This is where Good Wood comes in handy.


It is a proposal of “exercises” that are to encourage careful observation of the child and follow his needs. Exercise is not a training, but a peaceful support of natural developmental processes – time spent together filled with joy and closeness. And Good Wood? You will find that over the years it gains new uses – it grows with the child. we believe that these cards will be a good, wise inspiration for you to play, which is sometimes the best way to take care of our children’s development.

DOWNLOAD: Movement games for children 0-2 years old




wooden rocking chair for an elderly child

These are cards with suggestions for movement games. We want to reassure you right away that these will not be boring exercises, but fun, which also has a positive effect on the child’s development. Sooner or later, every child will have a “phase” of movement. The child then shows a great need to experience, learn and experiment. It’s worth taking advantage of this and encouraging them to exercise. Why? Because physical activity is (and should be) an integral part of our lives. This is due to the innate needs of the body and gradually acquired skills.

DOWNLOAD: Movement games for children 2-7 years old




yoga for children rocker good wood

Yoga is an innovative and non-obvious example of using a rocker and a ladder. It is also a great way and an excuse to spend time with your parents. Let this guide be a help for you, thanks to which the time spent together will focus on building relationships and, above all, having fun. In the age of the Internet, telephone and a sedentary lifestyle, our guide may turn out to be the best recipe for health. And all this while being a butterfly, a tree, a warrior… while using your imagination. All the exercises presented should be treated as fun and in this form we encourage you to spend time together.

DOWNLOAD: Yoga on a rocker



INSPIRATOR – or ideas for joy

wooden rocker sensor

Children delight us with creativity, curiosity and imagination. Get inspired, use your imagination and have fun! Children in their creativity will show you many other uses of the Good Wood rocker. Trust them, give them space, and they will surely surprise you!

Here you will find suggestions for games with the use of a rocker, ladder and table top.

DOWNLOAD: Inspirator – ideas for joy




former fun jumping rubber

Here you will find games and creative games dedicated to children and entire families. Most importantly, all these proposals can be prepared at home. You can use the products available from the masses in the store ( motor box ) – which we encourage you to do, but with some effort and you will certainly conjure up similar attributes from home materials.

DOWNLOAD: A textbook of active games




sensorics sensory platform

We invite you to the depths of your creativity and imagination. Here you will find suggestions for games with the use of polysensory platform . Fun is to experience the world, meet various needs and master a specific skill. This is where Good Wood comes in handy. Take a look! Maybe you will get inspired, or maybe you will just decide to buy the platform.

DOWNLOAD: Sensory games




We create many activities that you can offer your kids at home. We present card sets that will take your child into the world of fun and creativity at home. All you need to have fun is paper, a printer, basic office supplies and good intentions.